Monday, 30 December 2013

Makeup ideas in New Year's eve

Dear friends, New Year is almost here. Guess you are already planning your "craziest night outfit"
so here are few of my personal tips.

I suggest not to experiment your makeup on 31st Dec. Just looking at some photo you like doesn't mean
same makeup will look good on you. ;) It's time to try it out these days and see how you feel with it.
If you are wearing sequined outfit - sequined make up might just be too much and in that case I suggest
you go for more calmed natural eye makeup and depending of the taste
you can spice it up with red/pink lipstick. (same is for neon & multiple colored outfit)
Smokey eyes are always good choice if you are having doubts and your regular clubbing makeup
will do just fine as well. To make it festive spirit, just add some detail in hair or crazy nail art 
if you are person who doesn't go for extreme look.

     1.Colors of fire will look great in New Year's eve
    2Natural look for girls who don't like extreme but also for those who will wear very  attractive  outfits . 
    Natural look will point out your clothes while you will look fresh

    3.Smokey eyes can never be mistake. Combine it with nude lipstick and you can wear any outfit
     4.Neon colors will go great with any eye-color (not suggested combined with neon outfit)

    5.Eclectic colors for fabulous look - perfect for darker eyes

    Wednesday, 11 December 2013


    Hello, ladies!
    No end to my Christmas makeup collection! and while I have time I thought I'd post as often as I can.
    I really like this soft but still quite dramatic smokey eye effect. The only thing that you need is

    -black pencil
    -dark brown eyeshadow (I used nyx)
    -something bright like this gold shadow

    Run the black pencil as close to your lashes as possible and smudge softly with the brown eyeshadow, keep it veery close to the lashes. Apply something bright in the corner of the eye and vamos!!! You're ready to rock! LadyXi

    Friday, 12 April 2013

    How To: Apply Blush For Your Face Type

    Hi guys,
    I decided to post this article after so many of you asked me for advices on how to apply blush to complement your face type. So here are my advice and tips on how to apply blush correctly.

    In makeup is very important the way you choose to apply it and highlight your face.  A blush applied incorrectly will totally change your face appearance , giving a not so desirable result. But blush application is very simple once you know your face type and the best blush for your skin tone.
    The most important thing when applying blush is to follow the natural shape of your face and place the blusher where it is most flattering. Never apply color below the mid-line of your face (place a pen from your nose to your ear as a guide) or too close to the nose.
    Here is how to apply blush based on your face type:
    Oval Face:

    This is the most versatile of face shapes and it looks good with almost everything; from hairstyles, eye makeup and even blush applications.
    Tips: Using a fluffy blush brush, apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks, and then sweep color towards your temples and blend.
    Round Face:

    Because of its full cheeks and round chin, a round face will need vertical lines to make it appear longer and slimmer. If you have round face avoid applying blush directly on the apples of your cheeks (this will make your face look fuller) and never use products with glitter particles or other shimmery finish.
    Tips: Add definition by applying your blush at a 45-degree angle – basically, follow the outline of your cheekbones.
    Square Face:

    The square face is spacious and wide chinned, so you need to apply blush to soften the jawline.
    Tips: Apply blush in small circles, focusing more on the apples of your cheeks. Soften a square face by shading the corners of the forehead with what is left on the brush.
    Heart/Diamond Face:

    The heart face is the most difficult to apply blush to because is has to be softened and turned to an oval face. The heart face has lightly broader forehead and cheeks that taper to a narrow chin.
    Tips: Using a small blush brush, start by apply the blush at the cheekbone’s outermost point and work downwardly and inwardly (no further than at a vertical level with the outer eye corner). Now go back to the starting point and, using only what is left on the brush, cover the temples and, working upwards, the corners of the forehead.
    Long Face:

    Long, or oblong faces, are longer than wide, so you will need to create the illusion of shorter and broader face shape.
    Tips: Balance out the length in your face by applying your blush across your cheeks in a horizontal direction. Remember to blend it out really good. LadyXi

    Wednesday, 10 April 2013


    Today, we’re gonna be talking about everything you need to know about eyeliners!
    From the different types of eyeliners, when to use which type and how to apply eyeliner!
    Now I’m sure everyone will agree with me that the eyes are amongst the most important features in a person.
    Not only are the eyes one of the first features we tend to focus on when we meet someone, the eyes are also

    effective ‘messengers’, as they can sometimes tell so much more than words can. Even more so for women, as anyone with a pair of alluringly beautiful eyes can captivate the men of their dreams!
    … Unfortunately, eye makeup has long been perceived by women as something tricky and difficult to master. We all start applying lipstick, mascara, blusher… and yet some of us just go through life without really knowing how to apply eye makeup even though we know our eyes can help to score points!

    One mighty good makeup trick to learn how to apply eyeliner. Once you’ve gotten that down pat, you can create natural eyes, sexy eyes, dramatic eyes… and you can also use different colours to denote the seasons, your moods, or just to complement your outfit of the day! So now, hopefully we can share some beauty tips on applying eyeliner, enough to give you confidence to start trying!
    So, here goes!

    First Things First…

    Whether you apply eyeliner CAN make a significant difference in your eye makeup or your entire look for that matter. Eyeliner can accentuate your lashes and can enhance the shape of your eyes.
    Eyeliner can be natural and subtle, elegant and sophisticated, sexy and mysterious… but, it can also turn out harsh, excessively dramatic or messy (think panda eyes!), it all depends on how well (or badly in some cases) you apply it.

    As a general rule of thumb, if you want to use eyeliner to add depth to your lashes and make them appear longer and thicker, then you will want to choose darker shades like black, gray, dark brown or even deep plum for the upper lids. For the lower lash line, go for a softer variation of the same shade.
    If you prefer a more vivacious and adventurous look (and you ain’t trying to make your lashes appear thicker), you can go for more brightly-colored or even pastel eyeliners. Do note that the use of such colors will naturally draw attention to the colors themselves, rather than to your lashes.

    Types of Eyeliners

    Eyeliners can be broadly categorized into four types, namely, pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, gel/cream eyeliner and eyeshadow (i.e. powder) as eyeliner.
    Which type you choose to use is really a personal choice, and yes, it depends on the occasion too. Each has its own pros and cons.

    Pencil Eyeliners

    This is quite possibly the most commonly used liner or can even be referred to as the ‘starter eyeliner’ as it is relatively easy to manage and control.
    The potential downside about pencil eyeliners is that unless you sharpen really really well, you may not get as crisp a line as you do with other eyeliners. Do note that pencil eyeliners tend to have the shortest wear time, so applying powder over it can help quite a bit.
    If you like to ‘color’ your waterline, pencil eyeliners are also best for this purpose.
    To apply, you simply draw on the line close to your lashline. Although there really ain’t many hard and fast rules, and you’re free to apply eyeliner in whatever way comfortable to you, most people do generally start by drawing a line from the inner (or mid-eye) going to the outer line of your upper lid.
    The idea is to stay as close to your lashline as possible. Smudge out some excess or soften the liner by using some cotton on the upper lid. You can do the lower lid by drawing a line from the outside corner going to the inner corner of your lower lid. Just gently smudge excess liner.

    Liquid Eyeliner

    There are two types of liquid eyeliners.
    One type is the bottled type that come with a brush on a wand. These tend to give the eyes a more dramatic effect and the liner also does not smudge easily (provided you wait for it to dry and set!) And oh, these are usually waterproof too, and can come in various colors. Most women seem to find this type trickier to control and so do not use this as often.
    The second type is with felt tips and they can be used like a pen. Control is a lot easier than the first type, so many women start with this when they move from pencil to liquid eyeliners. And oh, they dry faster than the brush liquid eyeliners too!
    Generally speaking, it takes a very steady hand to apply liquid eyeliner, but it also offers the most precise and defined line. If you’re still a beginner, do try liquid liners that come with thin, fine points or felt-tip brushes. Liquid eyeliners are wonderful if you’re trying to create a more ‘Arabic’ look, or when you want cat eyes and dramatic looks. They can provide a more defined and also thinner line and can make the eyelashes look impressively thicker!
    However, you need patience and you need to practise, practise and practise until you can perfect the art! If you make a mistake with a liquid eyeliner, wait for it to dry, remove it with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover, and start over.

    Gel/Cream Eyeliners

    For a long time, such gel or cream-to-powder eyeliners are used only professional makeup artists rather than the public. Why? Simply because although they offer superb application and deep color payoff, they are trickier to use.
    But these are actually great for our type of humid climates as they don’t smear! And… did you know that your eyelids are one of the oiliest parts of your face? Yea, many people don’t know that. So this type of gel/cream eyeliners work perfectly for anyone with oily eyelids.

    Gel/Cream eyeliners typically come in a pot that you can dip an angled brush, fine tip brush or even a pencil eyeliner in to get the product out. If you use a brush to apply, you will need a slightly steady hand as it is creamy and glides pretty easily. Since this liner takes a bit longer to dry, it is great for smudging along the lashline. If you’re trying these eyeliners for the first time, you can try dipping a pencil eyeliner instead.
    These are fabulous for creating smoky eyes, as they are very creamy, very dramatic and easy to smudge. But one downside is they are not as portable as a pencil eyeliner.

    Powder Eyeliners

    So long as you have the right brush (either a stiff, angled brush or any small, fine-tip pointed brush), you can actualy use your powder eyeshadows to double up as eyeliners. One of the biggest plus points about using powder eyeliners is that you can achieve a softer look than you can with other types of liners. You can use the powder shadow either wet (for a more dramatic effect) or dry (for a softer look).
    To apply, just dip the brush into the eyeshadow of your choice and draw along your lashline. But do note that powder eyeliners don’t work on waterline as they don’t stick and will irritate or even hurt your eyes.
    Eyeshadow lining is great for a more subtle daytime look. Other plus points include the endless color possibilities, as you can practically choose from any eyeshadow colors! These are very easy to use, unfortunately, they do not last as long as other eyeliners do.

    How to Apply Eyeliner

    Remember this, there are no rules! Everyone is different, and what works for one may not work for another. So try many methods and settle for your own, k? Don’t be overly bothered by what the guru on TV says, keke!
    It’s important to have a steady hand, so try sitting down so that you can place your elbow on a table for better balance and control.
    Some people suggest starting from the middle and working the eyeliner outwards using short strokes, whilst others prefer dotting eyeliner along the base of the lashes. And then there are those who like to use one fluid stroke, following the curvature of the eye. All three methods are possible, and you can even use a combination of these methods to create the look that you want.

    Best Ways to Apply Eyeliner

    Use short, feathery strokes when applying eyeliner, rather than drawing one hard line. Hold your eyelid tight with your other hand to allow the easiest application. Start at the outer corner of the eye and work your way in the center of the eyelid. If it's more comfortable to work from the inside out, go ahead, but you can start at the mid-point of the eyelid for most looks. For more long-lasting eyeliner, apply eye shadow over your eyeliner to set it into place.
    If you decide to apply eyeliner to the inside rim, use a pencil or a crayon applicator to avoid getting eyeliner inside your eye, which can lead to eye irritation or even infection if your liner is contaminated with germs. As your hand grows steadier, you can try applying liquid eyeliner to the inside rim.
    For a "cat's eye" look, draw the liner out slightly past the outer corner of the eye and go upward with a slight turn. This look is bold, but it is less dramatic than using liquid eyeliner, so it is more suitable for daytime wear.
    You can also camouflage your eye's shortcomings with a few eyeliner tricks. Here are a few tips for some common issues:
    • If your eyes are set very close together, begin your eyeliner at the inner corner and extend it just a bit beyond the outer corner of the eye.
    • If your eyes are very wide-set, apply the liner all the way to the inner corner of the lid and use mascara mainly on the center lashes.
    • If your eyes are deeply set, remember the less is more theory. Stay as close to the lash line as possible and use a thin line.
    • Small eyes will look larger when you keep the eyeliner to the outer half of the eye.
    • For round eyes, line only the outer half of the eyelid and extend the liner slightly out and up at the outer corner of the eye.
    • If you have bulging eyes or puffy eyes, use your liner from the inner corner all the way to the outer corner. If you like the look of liner under your eyes, stay inside the rim, not under the lashes, or you will just exaggerate the bulging.
    • Droopy eyes will perk up if you keep the liner to the edge of the pupil area.
    • When your eyes are aging and start to get that crepey look, vary the width of the eyeliner so that it is thicker toward the outer part of the eye. Be sure to blend and smudge correctly using a large sponge brush.
    • If you are fortunate enough to have almond-shaped eyes that are set in proportion to the rest of your face, have fun with the eyeliner, as nearly any look will work great. LadyXi

    Thursday, 21 March 2013

    What Eye Shadow Best Goes with Hazel Eyes..

    By LadyXi
     Knowing what eye shadow goes best with hazel eyes can help you look gorgeous and captivating year round. If you have hazel eyes and are looking for the perfect eye shadow for both day and evening wear, there are numerous options available to you. Follow these tips and tricks to achieve simply stunning eyes.Understanding What Eye Shadow Best Goes with Hazel EyesWomen with hazel eyes are able to enjoy a wide spectrum of shadow shades due to the flecked hues they possess. Hazel is a unique eye color with individual color nuances that can vary dramatically. This eye color can handle many shades of eye makeup; while many of the shades for brown eyes are well-suited to hazel-eyed women, colors that work for blue and green eyes can work for hazel as well.Neutral ColorsWomen with hazel eyes look gorgeous in neutral colors such as brown. Brown-based shades give a fail-proof, gorgeous look every time.Pink is also considered to be a member of the brown family, though few realize it. Use a romantic pink, especially in the spring or in the winter when you want to look irresistibly rosy and play up the color in your eyes. Cream, beige and taupe are also foolproof neutrals for hazel eyes. Grey and black are other shades that can also really make hazel eyes stand out; just be careful not to overdo these dark colors for daytime.Purple Eye ShadowOften suggested for brown eyes, purple shades make a stunning contrast to hazel eyes, too. Shades such as lilac, lavender, violet, plum and even eggplant can really make your eye color pop. Pair it with a purple liner for a more dramatic effect.Gold and YellowSunny shades also work nicely with hazel eyes and draw attention to their rich golden tones. Consider shades such as:Gold shimmerSunflowerMustardWheatSaffronSandThe Perfect CombinationMany hazel-eyed women who have mastered the art of eye shadow swear by a combination of pinks, browns and occasionally greens. Other colors can also look great on hazel eyes, but in order to keep the selection process down to a reasonable level, these are three of the most recommended shades.Pinks and browns both play up the base color of hazel and eyes and work well together. If you have green in your eyes, pick up and make the most of this fleck with green eye shadow that reflects the tone and color of your eyes. Use the three colors together, in pairs or separately to create a look that is tailored to your eye color.To use the three together, apply the pink directly under the brow bone, and line the crease of your eye with the brown. Finally, fill in the lid with green for a look that makes your eyes pop without being overly dramatic. Other ways to use these shades include using two shades of pink, one on the lid and one beneath the brow with a dark brown on the crease and using a light tan on the brow with green on the lid and a darker brown on the crease.Choosing Eye Shadow ShadesIt's important to purchase the right brand of cosmetics to ensure the right hue for your eyes. Blue eye shadow, when applied properly, and on the right skin tones, looks great. For your eye color, however, it's advised that you steer clear (you run the risk of just looking garish).For some, blue shadow is great for a special occasion if you are looking to dramatize your evening look, however, it can dull down hazel eyes and have the opposite effect of what you hope to achieve. Stick to your browns and invest in a darker liquid liner for evenings; you will be sure to have a winning sparkle to your evening eyes every time.